Orchestra Enigmatic

Orchestra Enigmatic is a chamber orchestra in Louisville, Kentucky that promotes new and local composers, music education, and the arts in its community.

Interview with Designer Lelia Rechtin

OE is delighted to have Louisville designer Lelia Rechtin creating all our concert posters this season. We recently did an email interview with her for a look into her creative process.

OE:  The series you've created for the current season features really strong images of wildlife. What inspired this decision?

RECHTIN: In designing the poster series for Orchestra Enigmatic’s current season, I wanted to create compositions that weren’t literal or obviously thematic, but that invoked a kind of dreamlike quality. I also wanted to ensure that there was continuity between the designs, so I used vintage imagery of animals and maps, and simple text layouts in each design. In reviewing the details of each show I’d be designing for—the choice of pieces and themes of the shows in particular—the imagery of some of my favorite symbolist artists from the late 1800s kept popping into my mind, so the use of animals as motifs or representatives for each show felt right. 

OE:  By definition, Orchestra Enigmatic is a little hard to pin down. What do you take away from the group?

RECHTIN: The thing I appreciate the most about Orchestra Enigmatic is that it subverts the stereotypical image of an orchestra. Most folks (myself included) hear the word “orchestra” and immediately conjure up images of opera houses and cavernous theaters, where one can hear—but not necessarily see—the music being played. Orchestra Enigmatic places the focus squarely on the music and the musicians, which is interesting and entertaining to witness. I recall attending an OE show where I simply closed my eyes and tried to absorb and consider the music I was hearing for the duration of the piece (which was at least 20 minutes long); in a world with almost unlimited on-demand music and thousands of distractions, this was a truly unique and moving experience. Also, Orchestra Enigmatic selects uncommon (and often local) pieces of music to play, with a relatively small group of musicians at the helm of each performance. I’m (particularly) looking forward to their forthcoming interpretation of Radiohead’s "In Rainbows".

OE: What trends in graphic design are you interested in? What's coming down the pike / Whose work are you looking forward to seeing more of?

RECHTIN: As a user experience and interface designer by day, I’m looking to keep up with technology and how it impacts our collective use of both digital and physical products. By night, I work on branding and graphic design for local clients and am always trying to consider that work from a holistic angle. Everything I do is human-centered, whether it’s designing an app or designing a logo, so I try to consider the psychology behind design in mind as I work. Given the current political climate, I’m interested to see what kinds of art, design, and music are generated in the months and years to come.

OE: Thank you, Lelia!

RECHTIN: Thanks!