Orchestra Enigmatic

Orchestra Enigmatic is a chamber orchestra in Louisville, Kentucky that promotes new and local composers, music education, and the arts in its community.

About P. Kellach Waddle, OE's Composer-In-Residence

Native Louisvillian composer/conductor/bassist P. Kellach Waddle began a two-season residency with ORCHESTRA ENIGMATIC with our  “LOCAL” concerts. Waddle composed the very first piece ever specifically written for the ensemble, "At The Snowy Bourbon Winter's Twilight”: Impression-Satz fur Kammersinfonie (2013, Op.  438) in  May 2014, and is scheduled to conduct the world premieres of the next two pieces comprising the first year of his residency on concerts to be held on "Line" (March 30) and "Tribute" (May 3).


P.  Kellach Waddle enjoys a lauded and very active career as a solo bassist, composer, orchestral and chamber musician, conductor, and concert curator.  He has been hailed as one of the “…most creative and exciting bass soloists in the world…” from his dozens of solo performances, most notably as one of the select bassists from over 100 countries invited to give solo concerts at the 2009, 2013, and 2015 International Society of Bassists conventions.  His music has been heard in nearly 40 states and in 16 countries, at venues ranging from The White House to Carnegie Hall.

Waddle is avidly dedicated to writing for his own instrument with over 130 pieces for solo bass and more than 80 for bass in chamber ensembles in print by the end of 2017.  Waddle also pursues a path set forth by such composers as Hindemith and Larsson having composed a solo work, concerto, or major chamber music part for every standard orchestral instrument save timpani, especially concentrating on pieces for “neglected” instruments in a solo or chamber context — among these being the contrabassoon, which Waddle will have more works for in print than any other living composer by the end of 2017.

Accolades Waddle’s music has received include three nominations as possible finalist for the Pulitzer Prize (including two double concertos for members of The Cleveland Orchestra), an Austin Critics Table award for his Second String Quartet commissioned by the renowned Miró Quartet, and four nominations as a semi-finalist for the American Prize in both the chamber and orchestral categories.  His prolific output continues (with opus numbers approaching 570 as of February 2017) with over 80 premieres scheduled from the present to Spring 2020 in mediums ranging from short character pieces for solo instruments to full scale works for large ensembles.

Since winning his first professional orchestra position at age 17, he has been an active symphony musician leading to his current position with The Austin Symphony which he has held since 1992.  He performs as a chamber musician several times a season including concerts under his own company, PKWproductions.  PKWproductions’ innovative concerts often inspired by movies, art, literature, and comprising Waddle’s collections of works for a single instrument have been widely praised both in Austin and in the national press.  (His epic hour-long string quintet inspired by the works of Vonnegut was his third piece nominated as a possible finalist for the Pulitzer Prize). These concerts have also included an Austin Critics Table nomination for outstanding Chamber Performance in 2011.

Waddle also maintains an active conducting schedule and served as the music director of The Austin Philharmonic for 2 1/2 seasons.  In recognition of his busy Texas activities, he has been nominated four times of State Of Texas Musician of The Year by the Texas Legislature.

His music is published and printed by tFv, Inc. of Waltham, Massachusetts, and his publicity is managed by WyattBrand of Austin, Texas.  Nearly 100 recordings and videos of his works, with more being added on a regular basis can be found by searching “P. Kellach Waddle” at classicalconnect.com and on his Soundcloud page at https://soundcloud.com/pkw-2


— “ …an amazing, incredible, staggering virtuoso.” — Austin radio luminary John Aielli (after a live radio performance of two of PKW’s solo bass pieces based on movie characters)
— “…PKW is certainly an Austin classical music legend…” — Internationally renowned violist/conductor/concert curator Aurélien Pétillot (before a performance of one of PKW’s solo viola works)
— “…wonderful wonderful wonderful!!!  Such musicality along with amazing technical show. Bravo Bravo!!…” — Legendary French bass soloist/teacher/Principal Bass Paris National Orchestra Thierry Barbe (after PKW’s concert at the 2016 South Texas Bass Symposium)
— “…P. Kellach Waddle arguably writes more for our instrument than any other living composer…  the fact that he turns out so much material for us that is all excellent and effective at such a staggeringly prolific rate… it borders on the inhuman…” — Renowned British bass pedagogue/composer/soloist David Heyes

((Heyes and Waddle continue in 2017 an ongoing symbiosis of playing and composing — they will premiere/perform nearly a dozen of each other’s bass works during the 2017 calendar year — Heyes has also recently published a blog on Waddle’s composing for bass at https://www.facebook.com/My-Favourite-Bass-Things-1911224549121614/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1917510851826317 ))
— “…Those incredible harmonies!!  It’s as if late classical collides with Sibelius — it’s also in places like Beethoven mixed with Arvo Pärt!…” — San Antonio Symphony cellist/Soli ensemble founder David Mollenauer (after a performance of a trio of PKW’s for 2 basses and viola performed by the composer, Doug Balliett, and Lauren Magnus Menard)
— “…all those luxurious tunes and harmonies… and he may be a virtuoso on something besides piano… but from how that piece sounded I think (PKW) may be the American Rachmaninoff…” — Vice President of the board of The Balcones Chamber Orchestra (after their premiere of PKW’s American-Prize-in-Music-nominated Chamber Symphony, Dr. Robert Radmer, conductor).